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Emotional connection = brand differentiation

28 August 2019 Article by Mel Moss


The Marketing Association’s Brainy Breakfast sessions always make for brilliant bite-sized learning, particularly when one of your own is presenting. David Libeau, General Manager – Marketing for helloworld Travel and Chemistry Business Director Mel Moss recently shared their story of building a new brand and tracking loyalty, awareness and brand love.

At the same time, they didn’t shy away from discussing the challenges they’ve faced along the way, from major competitive pressure, pitching new ideas to and working with local franchisees, and creating cut-through for a new brand in a highly competitive category. Scroll on down to have a look at their presentation, and see:

  • What they did to increase franchisee engagement
  • The importance of local marketing
  • Creating an emotional connection by being part of local communities
  • Building share of voice and maintaining momentum
  • Where they’ll be taking the brand next