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Creating captivating influencer content

15 October 2019 Article by Joseph Silk


Chemistry has been working with Jaguar Land Rover for about 18 months now, building a customer communications programme to reward, educate and immerse Jaguar and Land Rover owners in a rich and meaningful brand experience. This is mostly executed through highly crafted dimensional mail with a wonderful surprise inside.

One of these pieces is a Land Rover communication coming from Sir John Kirwan, who is a Land Rover driver and brand advocate. Part of this involved co-ordinating a stills shoot to capture a candid shot of Sir John at Muriwai beach with his Land Rover Discovery and surfboard. Early in the process, we recognised that the opportunity with Sir John was too good to miss and that we could also produce a piece of video which Land Rover could weave into their social media strategy.

“Chemistry came to me with an idea to capture a day-in-the-life with Sir John showing how he uses nature to stay in balance and how his Land Rover Discovery helps him get out of the rat race. Right off the bat I told them we didn’t have budget for a shoot. To their credit, Chemistry weren’t phased and convinced me that these days a lot can be achieved with the right people and a well thought out, and tightly constructed storyboard,” says Luke Meurant, Marketing Manager, Jaguar Land Rover.

“Video creates emotional depth and inspiration unlike any medium I know,” says Pat Murphy, Creative Director at Chemistry. “We are seeing more and more of our clients use video to deliver messages big and small, so we have developed a variety of in-house video editing skills to execute these more cost-effectively and to a far higher quality level than ever before.”

The final result for Land Rover was achieved with a crew of two, a drone and the wonderful Sir John, who was a stalwart even though it was a pretty cold day in the water. We think the result speaks for itself. “It’s an absolutely stunning piece of film,” says Luke. “We’re so impressed we’re thinking of taking this into cinema, not just social.”

Land Rover Journeys of Self Discovery: Sir John Kirwan from Chemistry on Vimeo.