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A work-of-art welcome for Jaguar

Case Study Jaguar

Jaguar New Zealand are on a journey to transform their brand from stuffy elder statesman to contemporary style with an edge. This is the story of how we teamed up with one of New Zealand’s most innovative artists to create a welcome experience for new Jaguar owners that repositions the brand on the right side of cool.

If you’ve just spent north of $80,000 on a new Jaguar, sometimes considerably further north, a branded keyring or umbrella to say thank you isn’t going to cut it. So we helped Jaguar re-design their customer engagement strategy to ensure the brand touches customers at just the right time and weaves all the various added-value benefits of owning a Jaguar together into one seamless journey.

A welcome pack that’s also a work of art

The first step was to create a welcome pack that imbued the new Jaguar brand values and set the tone for what was to come. We commissioned renowned street artist, DJ and Lucky Taco owner Otis Frizzell to create something that reflected the transformed style of Jaguar as seen across the new range of vehicles.

Otis understands brands intuitively, including his own. Taking inspiration from the Jaguar leaper, Jaguar’s iconic hood ornament, and his own passion for pinstriping, he created a bespoke, limited-edition representation of the power and dynamism of the Jaguar brand in a way that was both contemporary and instantly recognisable.

Playing on Jaguar’s positioning, The Art Of Performance, the final pack delivers a signed, ready to frame, A3, 1/200 limited-edition print with a thank you from the Jaguar New Zealand General Manager, Steve Kenchington, a signed letter of authenticity from Otis and information detailing the inspiration for the print and how it was produced.

Steve continues to receive incredibly emotional responses from customers who have received the pack, and dealers who finally have something that recognises the significance of Jaguar ownership. Something that says, ‘I’ve made it, in style.’