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Building a feel-good brand for Caltex

Case Study Caltex

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The Caltex brand was struggling to stand out from competitors who also offer low-cost, no-frills fuel. How could we improve the clarity of the brand beyond just ‘budget’, creating a genuine emotional connection with the target audience?

Our insight

There are a million other things people would rather think about than filling up their car. It’s a chore. It’s expensive. It can be complex. If Caltex could focus doing the brilliant basics well – like making fuelling simple, saving people time and money, and doing it with a smile – we could really appeal to our primary target audiences.

Towards a CVP

Our CVP of ‘Simply the best deal from your local’ wasn’t just a bunch of marketing buzzwords, but was the reason why customers choose to come to Caltex, and why they keep coming back. Whether it’s our competitive prices on fuel or just a friendly smile on their way home, we needed to demonstrate that we’ve got their back.

From our CVP, we developed ‘Feels Good’, a new brand platform which didn’t overpromise, but added a little lift to Caltex customer’s lives. Using a combination of watercolour illustration and simple photography, we created a series of  ‘feel good moments’ that our customers could relate to, with a cleverness that added a touch of humour and meaning.        

Rolling it out

We rolled the new Feels Good platform across the entire media mix, from Caltex stores and forecourts to TVCs, radio, OOH, digital and social, and have also developed a full set of brand guidelines to help everyone ‘Feel Good’.

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