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Contact and AA Smartfuel: it’s a no brainer

Case Study Contact Energy

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After 16 years of offering customers Fly Buys, Contact Energy decided to change to more rewarding loyalty discounts from AA Smartfuel. How could we convince customers in this high churn category that it was worth their while to stick around?

Our idea was to position the change as something so good and easy to take up, it hardly warranted a second thought – it genuinely was a no-brainer. The creative approach was rooted in simplicity, offering a humorous wink and a smile to endear customers to the Contact brand.

And it worked: within 3 months, we had reduced churn to its lowest rate ever, achieved our 12-month AA Smartfuel Plan sign-up goal, and attracted 210% more new customers than for the previous corresponding period.




Silver NZDM Award (Channel)


3X Bronze NZDM Awards (Industry, Channel and Craft)


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