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A high-flying thank you for State

Case Study State

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State Insurance had 10,000 Fly Buys points to give away and was looking for a way to use this to retain customers who had been with them for less than 3 years with 1 or 2 policies. So we created Fly By & Win, an engaging digital experience to reward every customer.

Via a microsite, customers could choose one of four specially created characters – Spike the Wonder Plant, Courageous Kitty, The Blazing Banana and the Tin Marvel – and shoot them up into the sky to reveal what they’d won. The campaign achieved the most successful email read rate we’ve had for a State email, with a 33% response rate. The most picked hero? Courageous Kitty at at 45%, followed by Blazing Banana (24.5%), Spike (18%), and Tin Marvel (13%).

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