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Getting our game on for PlaceMakers

Case Study PlaceMakers

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Trade apprentices in the PlaceMakers Apprentice Crew (PAC) programme didn’t have a strong connection to the PlaceMakers brand. How could we increase engagement, demonstrate real value and show them PlaceMakers has their back?

Introducing Stack for PAC

Low pay, early starts and doing all the lowly jobs on site mean that apprentices really look forward to their breaks. So we came up with a social gamification concept which apprentices could play in their down time, developing a sense of community and competition amongst our target audience.

Sought-after prizes included travel, tech, and PlaceMakers vouchers, and were designed to have high perceived value and drive further engagement with the brand.

Stack for PAC was created using a reskinnable gaming platform which proved to be incredibly simple to design, build, and deploy, with Chemistry managing the full back end for PlaceMakers.



Great results from the get-go

Within the first 24 hours of launch on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, and without any paid activity, Stack for PAC achieved 200 unique players, 300+ plays, and a handful of MVPs have already played hundreds of times. Best of all, TikTok has proven to be highly cost-effective channel at a cost per click of just $0.18 – compared to $2.50 per click on Facebook.

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