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Painting with Light for Jaguar

Case Study Jaguar

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To launch the new all-electric Jaguar I-PACE to New Zealand, we teamed up with Kiwi racing legend Greg Murphy, artist Otis Frizzell and director and photographer Greg Wood to create a world first: a piece of art ‘painted’ by the lights of a car.

To create the artwork, Otis sketched out a 120-metre by 60-metre interpretation of the iconic Jaguar Leaper in Mount Smart carpark. Then Greg did some precision driving in the I-PACE at night, with the headlights and tail lights captured by long-exposure photography.

We had no idea if this grand experiment would work, and it took a huge amount of faith from the whole team involved to bring it to life. But sometimes the craziest ideas are the best ones.

The resulting piece was a true demonstration of Jaguar’s brand positioning of ‘The Art of Performance’, and achieved nationwide media coverage. Every new Jaguar owner will receive their own limited edition print of the artwork, signed by Jeff Wood and Otis Frizzell. Even MOTAT have asked for a copy. We couldn’t have asked for more, really.

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